Salon 3 : Rosenberg / Schneider / Dirty Mirrors, April 20th, 2017, brought together the works of Aura Rosenberg and Karin Schneider, intertwined with the music of Dirty Mirrors (Jon Kessler, Bill Komoski, Adam McEwen, John Miller, and Aura Rosenberg). Rosenberg and Schneider performed Schneider’s text piece F (originally published in Adam Marnie’s F Magazine) to a live soundtrack by Dirty Mirrors. Later in the evening, Rosenberg’s video The Three Graces was projected onto the band as they played their set.

Karin Schneider and Adam McEwen
Karin Schneider and Aura Rosenberg performing "F"
Aura Rosenberg
Karin Schneider performing "F"
Karin Schneider
Aura Rosenberg and Dirty Mirrors performing "F"
Host Kerri Scharlin introducing the band
Jon Kessler and Aura Rosenberg of Dirty Mirrors
Adam McEwen, Bill Komoski, and John Miller of Dirty Mirrors
Dirty Mirrors
Aura Rosenberg's "The Three Graces" grace the band
Adam on the drums
Aura's solo
Bill Komoski and John Miller
Jon Kessler
Dirty Mirrors, "The Three Graces," and the party crowd
Katia Santibanez, Caroline Blum, Michelle Segre, David Reisman, James Siena, and Dan Levine
Srinivas Mangipudi, Carmelle Safdie, Francisco Correa Cordero, and Luba Drozd
Front: Lisa Crafts, Charlie Ahearn, and Walter Robinson. Backt: Kayode Ojo and Rainer Ganahl
Jane Dickson and Holly Miller
Karin Schneider (center)
Welcome reception
Kate Shepherd and Kerri Scharlin
Michelle Segre and Asti Hustvedt
Stefania Bortolami (center) and Ellie Rines (right)
Josiah McElheny, Alex Gartenfeld, Matt Keegan, and Joe Fyfe
Holly Miller, Suzanne McClelland, and Shoshana Dentz
Lisa Blas and Lisa Ivorian-Jones
Walter Robinson, Howard Halle, and Peter Klosowicz
Kathleen Madden, Erin Goldberger, and Lisa Rosen
Halsey Rodman (left)
Photos by Christos Katsiaouni