Salon 7 : Civitella XXV, March 13th, 2019, celebrated the 25th anniversary of Civitella Ranieri Foundation fellowships with three visual artists -- Jon Kessler (Fellow 2015), Michelle Segre (Fellow 2016), and James Siena (Directors Guest 2011) -- performing as musicians in their respective bands: Younghins, Billygoat, and Tofu.

Billygoat members Michelle Segre and Jennifer Sirey start off the night with panache
Chatting between sets
Laura Stein cradling Lucky Debellevue's tired head while chewing the fat with Cheryl Donnegan
James Siena and Katia Santibañez of Tofu mesmerize the audience
Jon Kessler, Drew Bombardi, Jesse Greenberg, and Kyle Wilson of Younghins rock out
Raise your hand if you have been to Civitella
Dana Prescott, Civatella's charming director, warms the crowd with tales of Civatella's residency in a 15th century Umbrian castle
Mike Ballou, Bruce Pearson and other revelers exchange ideas
Kerri's welcoming remarks
Civatelli board member Jennifer Dowley, Program Coordinator Molly Lapointe and Senior Associate Marc Mewshaw
Band merch commemorating Civitella and signed by the artists
Cocktails with Cheryl Donegan and Jon Kessler among others
Mike Ballou color coordinates with friends
Cheryl Donegan and Emile Clark
Jo Shane, Kerri and Aura Rosenberg
Phoebe Hoban, Dorothy Spears and Alexis Rockman
Kerri plants one on Erin Goldberger
Civatella's Hope Campbell Gustafson and Dana Prescott
Michelle Segre, Laura Stein and Diana Cooper
Franklin Evans, Mie Yim and Jeannie Weissglass
Merry jesters
Jon Kessler
Judy Ross, Jennifer Sirey and Kerri
Carmelle Safdie and Aura Rosenberg
Dana Prescott
Steve Dibenedetto, Kathy Butterly and Tom Burckhardt
David Reisman and Caroline Blum
Kerri and Dana